To understand Boutique Cookies, you’ll need to know how the journey to perfection confection began.

It was the 70’s. It was cold outside and Melissa Cawi thought making cookies 
would be a good idea. She turned to her trusty Easy Bake Oven she got for her sixth birthday, starting down the road that would lead to cookie greatness.

After baking by light bulb for years, her mother allowed her to “graduate” to a real oven 
when she was nine. This was just the trick and she quickly mastered the art of baking, taking traditional family recipes and improving them to the highest level. After years of baking for friends, family, and friends of friends, and their families, she decided it was time to let the secret out for all the public to enjoy.

In 2005, the initial collection of Boutique Cookies was launched. Melissa, a boutique fan, wanted her cookies to reflect the finest ingredients, taste spectacular, look as good as they taste, and be packaged with that personal touch that boutiques offer.

You hate to call them cookies because it seems so casual. 

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